State-Art Design, Multi-Optional Insulated Cryogenic Decks

Liquefied natural gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas, and other liquids that must be stored at well below-freezing temperatures require extra precautions to use materials and designs that remain strong and ductile while handling the large contractions experienced during cool-down. Our Cryodeck Cryogenic suspended decks provide all the efficiencies and advantages of our pre-fabricated and all bolted…
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Every year more and more natural gas reserves are discovered. Unfortunately, much of it is found far from the major consumer countries making economical transportation and distribution vital. The only practical method of transporting this gas is to store and transport it at cryogenic temperatures (-265°F or -165°C) which liquefy the gas reducing its volume…
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CRYODECK finalised design and fabrication

CRYODECK finalised design and fabrication of 4 Nos DIA 46.1mt Dome Roof. Subject dome roofs are fabricated for one of our esteemed client from India. Project is located in Kenya and CRYODECK will supervise the installation of the dome roofs. CRYODECK is also providing central platform and walkway for the said domes along with gauging platform. [gallery size="medium"…
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