State-Art Design, Multi-Optional Insulated Cryogenic Decks

Liquefied natural gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas, and other liquids that must be stored at well below-freezing temperatures require extra precautions to use materials and designs that remain strong and ductile while handling the large contractions experienced during cool-down. Our Cryodeck Cryogenic suspended decks provide all the efficiencies and advantages of our pre-fabricated and all bolted designs to support the necessary ceiling insulation to keep the climate inside the tank amenable to its contents.

We use only the highest-quality aluminum and most cutting-edge engineering designs to provide a low-maintenance, non-corrosive, easy-to-install storage solution for liquids to be stored in frigid temperatures. This is accomplished by supporting the deck loads in membrane stress using clamp beams and lock bolts rather than welding. It blends the strongest features of both the ATECODOME™ and the ATECODECK® Cover for the most effective coverage possible. Our decks consist of three sets of clamp beams, with flanges that sit inside one another for quick fastening. From there, CRYODECK can provide you with all the customization necessary to ensure your deck meets, if not outright exceeds, your needs.

By pre-cutting, pre-punching, and pre-fabricating everything needed for the insulation support deck, the CRYODECK allows very rapid installation using far less expensive manpower than the heavy, expensive, and time consuming welded high alloy plate designs of the past. Since completion of the insulation support deck is often on the critical path, because it must be finished before the outer dome roof can be air-lifted, the schedule improvements and flexibility are often a much larger consideration than the cost savings alone.

We design our proven system to meet your specific needs and to match your roof design making the integration of our deck seamless with your tank and fitting design.

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