In house seasoned and very competent engineering team who has done designs of CRYODECK will be ready to guide and develop an optimal design for your needs of suspended deck as per our in-house models.
Our talented group of engineers will closely coordinate with Tank design engineering team to ensure all parameters, interfaces such as loadings, penetrations, piping supports, roof raising loads and other details.

The loads supported by the CRYODECK Suspended Insulation Support Deck are:

  • Dead Load – The deck structure, panels, fasteners, accessories, etc.
  • Insulation Load – uniformly distributed load.
  • Live Load – uniformly distributed load on the interior of the deck and the perimeter plates.
  • Concentrated Load –load representing six workmen applied to (12″) square areas at any location for installation purposes.

These loads are supported by three mechanisms:

Membrane Panel Stress: The relatively thin aluminium panels deflect under load ( sag ) which supports the load in nearly pure tension. Uniform loads are transmitted to the closest support clamp beam while concentrated loads are transmitted in a radial pattern across a large area of the deck.

Clamp Beam Bending: The loads transmitted from the deck panels are carried by the clamp beams to the nearest suspension supports putting the beams into bending. Depending on the beam location, the beam may be simply supported or may have two or more “spans” which impacts the formula used to calculate the bending stresses. Also, the concentrated load may be located near the center of any of the clamp beams so that bending stress must also be considered.

Suspension Support Hangers: The deck is supported by aluminium angle hangers from the steel outer dome roof. The distribution of these hangers is selected to connect to the outer roof’s rafters in a repeated pattern and to provide sufficient supports to maintain the clamp beam bending stresses below their allowable stresses and maintain an acceptable factor of safety for the hangers.


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