Key element of CRYODECK is that it is requires no welding at site which leads to very precision manufacturing process.

CRYO DECK is produced using highly precision CNC machines where all the design information is fed to machines producing all components to a very great accuracy leading to very minimum rectifications at site during installation phase.

All components are marked as per assembly and packed with export seaworthy packing to reduce unpacking time at site.

With a good construction spares philosophy the manufacturing is done keeping in mind the final installation at site.

Close communication with Site team and manufacturing as per Inspection and Project Requirements leads to a product meeting all needs for easy installation at site.

ISO 9000:2015 quality system with experience team of manufacturing engineers CRYODECK meets all international standard of product quality.

  • Manufacturing Facilities – Kuthaya, Turkey.
  • World’s Largest fully covered workshop with all in-house operation.
  • 40m wide X 380m long 2 Nos of Bays.
  • Equipped with mostly Latest CNC machines.
  • Capable of delivering a typical CRYODECK in 4 to 6 weeks time.
  • Flexible to do different types of designs.
  • Close connection with extruders and suppliers.

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