Installation Services for Suspended Deck

  • With great focus on final installation, a close coordination with Tank Contractor will be key to ensure that initial set up for installation of CRYODECK.
  • Experience team of Engineers and Supervisors will ensure that simple team of crew who does need to be very skilled can be used for installation of CRYODECK.
  • Equipped with necessary special tools and accessories the team will plan to ensure all assembly parts safety go into tanks without any damage and lay properly to ensure efficient assembly and installation.
  • Team will work details with Tank Contractor site team in terms of preparation for staging, supply of utilities, permit to works, confined space entry etc. with sequence installation.
  • The final installation of penetration boxes and perimeter plates after construction of inner shell will be done prior start of insulation of CRYODECK.
  • Our Team will work out detailed schedule to ensure installation of CRYODECK is never under critical path and work along other tank installation activities prior roof lifting.
  • It is assured that we can meet the shortest available window to complete the installation with a track record of installation of a 32meter diameter deck in just 7 days.

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